Why Choose to live at Fairway Gardens?
Can my pet come to Fairway Gardens with me?
Is there somewhere I can store my caravan or boat?
If I go on holiday, will my house be looked after?
Do I have any choice in the selection of finished in my housing at Fairway Gardens?
How much are the recurrent charges?
Do I need to insure my Fairway Gardens home?
Can I have guests stay with me?
Am I responsible for any housing maintenance?
Why do I get a ‘Non-registered Interest’ rather than a Strata Title?
Do I have to pay stamp Duty on my purchase?
Can I secure a retirement home at Fairway Gardens subject to the sale of my existing home?
Is my deposit refundable if I am unable to proceed with purchase?
Is my Centrelink pension affected if I move into Fairway Gardens lifestyle village?
What happens if I decide to sell my home at Fairway Gardens lifestyle village?


Villas for Sale at Fairway Gardens

With a modern coastal façade, and high quality finishes, the well-appointed villas combine stylish open-plan designs with quality features and fittings, creating the ultimate in luxurious living.

Single Occupancy

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Multi-Dwelling Villas

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A Fantastic Lifestyle

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